Thanks to our dedicated supporters, we have been able to help real people living with mental illness.


Anthony is 28 years old and has been dealing with bipolar disorder since he was 19. Anthony struggled holding a consistent job and building relationships until he was 26 because he never received the correct medical care he needed. He spent many years of his time in and out of drug rehab centers until his sister reached out to BMHA in 2016. Thanks to our great donors, we were able to make sure Anthony received the proper diagnosis, medicine and emotional support to help with his bipolar disorder. Anthony is now living a happier and less stressful life, and is using his new found support system to turn his mental illness into a mental wellness.


Michelle is a 20 year old college student that battles with anxiety. Before reaching out to us in November of 2016, Michelle struggled with the anxiety and uphill battle of every day life. She was afraid of chasing her dreams and felt like no one would understand what she was going through. She started to become depressed and thought that she was weak for not knowing how to cope with her anxiety. Thanks to our donors and corporate sponsors, Michelle is now receiving the professional medical care that she needs to chase her dreams, and she is currently studying
Pre-Law at the University of Denver.